You bring the idea - we execute

The tjooly concept

Preliminary meeting

We meet up, discuss your idea and together with you agrees on which way to go from there. We won't charge anything from this planning meeting - it is only to find out if you and your idea is the right match for tjooly.

100 free development hours

If we agree to start working on your idea, we will at least deliver 100 hours of development for free - this is the minimum, but can be extended, depending on the project.

Cloud solution

We will make the solution easy accessible in the cloud, which will make it easy for you to maintain, and easy to do continuous delivery and releases. This also makes the cost of the project a lot cheaper than the alternatives.

Focus on the idea

Tjooly is a concept where everyone with a great idea, but without the development skills, can afford to get a solution. Our goal is not to ruin you, and therefore we offer minimum the 100 first hours of development for free, and we can also discuss and agree on a different pricing model if the project/idea is interesting for us.

Our focus is on the ideas that will generate great value for the daily user, which we will solve with modern technology and quick development. We can do anything from single page website, iOS/Android mobile development to a standalone system.

Adapting to your needs

The right mindset

At tjooly we aim to be the best in what we do and what we deliver. Therefore members of tjooly is strictly chosen and we must have the right mindset for keeping the tjooly concept on track. Right now we are three members, with a wide range of experience - from complex systems for the public sector of Denmark, to a start-up in Silicon Vally.

We want to be a part of your journey, and we do this to make your idea come true. If you're willing to elaborate and we can find common ground, then a collaboration with tjooly would optimize your chances of success.

Reach out to tjooly

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